Watch The Killing Season 1 Episode 9: Undertow (Online)

Posted on May 23, 2011


The Killing Season 1 Episode 9 – Undertow

Air date: Sunday May 22th 2011, at 10.00 pm on AMC.

Short summary: The focus of the police in “The Killing” may not be so squarely on Bennet Ahmed anymore, but his wife isn’t the police. In this episode, “Undertow,” Amber Ahmed (Ashley Johnson) is apparently beginning to wonder about her husband’s (Brandon Jay McLaren) association with Muhammed. She goes so far as to snoop into the address book on his cell phone and nearly gets caught doing so.We don’t like the feel of where that might be headed. The timeline of Rosie’s murder suggests Amber has to know something about the night Rosie died, so is her interest in Muhammed born out of suspicion for her husband or fear that Muhammed might expose her? Either way, she’s on shaky ground. All new The Killing season 1 episode 9 /AMC.