Watch Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 5: The Rebel Flesh (1)

Posted on May 21, 2011


Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 5 – The Rebel Flesh (1)

“The Rebel Flesh” part one of two. Guest starring Marshall Lancaster (Ashes to Ashes), Sarah Smart (At Home with the Braithwaites) and Raquel Cassidy (Lead Balloon), alongside Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill

Danger lurks for the Doctor and his companions in this all-new episode of Doctor Who written by Matthew Graham. Catch the premiere of “The Rebel Flesh” this Saturday, May 21st at 9pm/8c on BBC One.

Summary: Rebel Flesh Doctor Who 6, The TARDIS arrives in Earth’s future at a factory where human doppelgangers, “Gangers,” are used as manual labourers. A solar tsunami frees the Gangers, and the original people they are based on must decide whether to accept their counterparts or eliminate them.


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