Watch Bones Season 6 Episode 22: The Hole in the Heart

Posted on May 13, 2011


Bones Season 6 Episode 22 – The Hole in the Heart

Air date: Thursday May 12th, 2011 at 09.00 p.m EST on FOX

Short Summary: Jacob Broadsky will return to kill another victim. Booth, still frustrated by his inability to defeat or capture Broadsky thus far, will be more determined than ever to finally stop him. But things take a dramatic turn for the worst when Broadsky takes aim at Booth and hits an innocent victim instead. It’s rumored that this “innocent victim” could very likely be a recurring character on Bones. Frankly, I think it’s unlikely that any of the major cast members (including Cam or Sweets) would be killed.

Bones season six finale promises a change in the game. Heck, it’s even called “The Change in the Game.” The implication there is that on May 19, finally, the relationship of Booth and Brennan will reach a turning point.

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