Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 20: Prom Queen

Posted on May 11, 2011


This episode will be seeing back the appearance of the previous characters that once has been a part of the series. And to name a few, Jesse St. James will be a part of presentation and his appearance will churn only Rachel but also the rest of the gangs in the New Directions. In the coming back of her ex-bf, Rachel is not only worried about the possibility of what might the guy would do in order to win her back and this includes Finn’s reactions. Rachel is caught in the middle of two gargantuan stones at this very moment. What more is worrying her is that the guy come back not only to bring headache to her but also to that rest of the team knowing that St. James is the current leader of their grave nemesis, the Vocal Adrenalin.

Figgins asks the glee kids to perform at McKinley’s prom (over the objections of prom coordinator Sue). Meanwhile, the competitions for prom king and queen heat up.


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