Watch Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 20: Gauntlet

Posted on May 10, 2011


Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 20 – Gauntlet

The Previously unknown purpose of the “Ninth Cheveron” is revealed, and ends up taking a team to an Ancient ship “Destiny”, a ship built millions of years ago by the Ancients, used to seed Distant galaxies with Stargates. This team, led by Dr. David Rush and Colonel Everett Young, are trapped on the ship, unable to change its programmed mission, and encounter new races, new technology and new enemies, as the runaway ship takes them to the far ends of the Universe.

Short Summary: Drones close in on the Destiny in the series finale. When the command ships and their drones cut off all access to planets, the Destiny crew must finally fight back rather than flee.


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