Watch American Dad! Season 6 Episode 17: Home Wrecker

Posted on May 9, 2011


This eccentric family full of radically different personalities is just trying to find a way to love and trust one another during these increasingly unpredictable times. Every single thing these people today try backfires till Dorrie gets the actual in-crowds specified automobile proprietor. Concurrently, Stan as well as Francine considers gets to be pranking a person one more.

Their two children are Hayley, a passionately liberal college-aged activist, and Steve, a nerdy, wimpy high schooler who constantly attempts to live up to Stan’s expectations. American Dad! features a recurring gag in its opening sequence that is changed for every episode. Originally, this took the form of a newspaper headline, usually featuring a topical, satirical joke directed at the United States Government, the media, or current affairs.

American Dad! Season 6 Episode 17: Home Wrecker

Stan and Francine fight over how to redecorate the house. It goes so far that they split the house down the middle and try to live without each other.