Watch Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 19: Blockade

Posted on May 2, 2011


Following a secret of the Stargate’s ninth chevron is discovered, a team of explorers from Earth travels towards unmanned starship Destiny, that’s launched by the Ancients numerous millenia ago as a good experiment. The new crew, not able to command the Destiny’s navigation, is forced to complete its original mission. They travel far out to the universe, encountering new races and enemies. Stargate Universe is actually produced and distributed by simply MGM Television and Sci-Fi Funnel. It is filmed at Bridge Studios and on location beside Vancouver, British Columbia, Nova scotia.

By far the most effective thing on TV throughout Australia. This program is merely captivating, forget that its SciFi its simply a brilliant drama set inside space with some great action, effects and landscape. I for one feel quite peeved that the ending.

Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 19: Blockade. This SyFy tv show Stargate Universe s02e19 with title Blockade aired on Monday, May 02 2011 @09:00 pm.

And here is the summary for Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 19: Blockade:
Attacking drones return when the Destiny tries to recharge in a star. Eli proposes a risky alternative, which requires the rest of the crew to gate to a nearby planet for safety, where they find an abandoned city.

Watch Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 19: Blockade

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