Watch Make It or Break It Season 2 Episode 16: Requiem for a Dream

Posted on May 2, 2011


Emily visits the health care provider with Chloe and discovers that she’s six 2 or 3 weeks pregnant. Damon shares with Kaylie this his record label enjoys the song that they and Kaylie wrote together plus they would like the two analysts to record it. Sasha encourages Emily to come to a decision about her pregnancy speedily if she expects to be memorized to Worlds. Emily seems frustrated by using Sasha and Chloe’s push for her to come to a decision.

Requiem for the Dream: Emily receives shocking news, which may end her career just as one Olympic hopeful. Elsewhere, Summer feels torn between the woman’s feelings for Sasha and also her renewed commitment in order to Steve and Lauren.. A glance about this show: Make It or Break Its an ABC Family drama series that focuses on the lives of adolescent Olympic gymnastic hopefuls in training for the big event.

The actual show, set in everything of competitive gymnastics, follows a crowd of gymnasts training at your top-notch Rocky Mountain Gymnastic Education Center, known as Your Rock. While their individual skills make all the four girls serious contenders on the Olympics, the group is regularly fraught with internal conflict that threatens to distract them using their goal. With the help of their tough but compassionate discipline, Sasha Beloff, the gymnasts must overcome the drama and arguments to succeed.

When the Rock girls compete from the Chinese everyone calls all of them gutsy. (Or crazy. ) When they succeed five medals – when compared to National Team’s four – people say they’re the very best. But the Rock gymnasts and their coach are being called renegades – a label that will hurt them in the eyes on the National Committee. It’s a risky choice to search against the National Committee – one that could have serious ramifications.

Watch Make It or Break It Season 2 Episode 16: Requiem for a Dream