Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 1: Ocean Uncharted

Posted on September 15, 2010


Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 1 – Ocean Uncharted

Life Unexpected S02 E01, Ocean Uncharted Short Summary: Cate and Ryan return from their honeymoon and discover that their job in the radio station have changed while they where gone. A confused Baze dealing with his feelings for Cate, ends up hooking up with a new hot bartender, Paige. Meanwhile, Lux and Bug are in a major moment of their relationship. Also, Lux has a new friend Eric who is new in Portland.

Series Info: After spending all of her 15 years bouncing from one foster family to another in Portland, Oregon, Lux (Britt Robertson, “Swingtown”) has decided it’s time to take control of her life and become an emancipated minor. Her journey through the legal maze leads Lux to her biological father, 30-something Nate “Baze” Bazile (Kristoffer Polaha, “Mad Men”), who owns a bar, lives like an aging frat-boy with two slacker roommates, and is astonished to learn that he has a teenage daughter. Lux is equally astonished when Baze reveals that her mother is Cate Cassidy (Shiri Appleby, “E.R.”), a star on the local “Morning Madness” radio show, along with her on-air partner and real-life boyfriend, Ryan Thomas (Kerr Smith, “Eli Stone”). Lux has been listening to Cate’s voice on the radio as long as she can remember, so she feels an instant connection with the mom she’s never met. Baze takes Lux to meet Ca. Source: CW network

Original Air Date: Tuesday September 14th 2010, at 09:00 pm on The CW.