The Price Of Beauty season 1 Episode 7 – Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Posted on May 2, 2010


The Price Of Beauty  – Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Summary: Jessica, Ken, and Cacee hit the famous “Ipanema Beach” known around-the-world for its bikinis and hot bodies. Before the trio “suits up,” they make a quick pit stop for a real Brazilian wax experience that proves to be a “hair raising” experience. The cast meets with their beauty ambassador Ana, a famous swimsuit model, who teaches the gang that in Rio, people of all shapes and sizes “bare it all” on the beaches. In Brazil, beauty is about being confident and passionate which is evident in the popularity of the Samba dance and Carnival. Ana explains that plastic surgery is extremely popular in Brazil, and that women do not try to hide it, rather, they “strut” their surgeries. Jessica, Ken, and Cacee first meet with a woman who has had over 42 plastic surgeries. They also meet with an exceptionally poor woman who lives in a favella, but has chosen plastic surgery over a better place to live for herself and her child. After an intense Samba lesson, the trio sheds their garb and shows some skin at a Carnival-style samba party.